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How to ENTER?

  1. Download our Boost Cup design template below


  2. Design your most interesting, fun, adventurous, amazing, awe-inspiring, funny, beautiful, ridiculous Boost Cup – anything goes!

  3. Submit your awesome new design via the entry portal on the bottom of the homepage.


Need some help? Check out our guidelines below.

  1. Entry is open to Australian residents only.
  2. Entrants under the age of 18 will require parent or guardian approval should they win.
  3. Designs can only be submitted through this website. Designs sent by mail or email, or other formats, will not be accepted.
  4. Design may be altered by Boost Juice if necessary for print execution purposes.
  5. Participants may be asked to resubmit their designs if they pass the first stage of judging, so please save all of your design files until the contest ends.
  6. Plagiarized submissions, designs that have been developed for other purposes, or designs that have been used in the past by other organizations or companies will be not be accepted.
  7. Regardless of whether the designer has obtained licensing rights or not, it is prohibited to use representations which include, evoke, or imitate specific persons or intellectual properties which belong to other third parties, including but not limited to characters, brands, logos, images, illustrations, styles, compositions, and linguistic expressions.
  8. Artwork must be newly developed by the entrants exclusively for Boost Juice competition, and must have not ever been published previously.
  9. All licensing rights to all the designs, shall be transferred from the entrants to Boost Juice upon submission.
  10. All licensing rights to the designs that are not selected as winning submissions shall be transferred back from Boost Juice to participants upon announcement of the winners.
  11. Participants shall not submit artworks(s) to other design competitions.
  12. Participants must cover the cost of producing their designs on their own.
  13. Winners will be notified by April 30th 2020 by phone or email.

Download template

Download our Boost Cup template here.